Do you feel like being pampered with the finest Mediterranean flavors and dishes? Cycladic cuisine is full of fresh seafood, organic herbs, free-range chicken and meat, tasty vegetables, ripe fruit and lots of virgin olive oil. Hire a talented chef to prepare these meals and enjoy the finest gastronomy, paired with the Cyclades islands' surprising wines.

If you're a culinary artist yourself, let us get you the freshest ingredients from the island's markets so you can cook up a storm in your very own kitchen and the outdoor barbecue by the pool. The property is ideal for seaside parties al fresco, and looks out onto outstanding sunsets with a myriad of colors.

Worth mentioning as well are the bedroom balconies which are just perfect for hearty Mediterranean and continental breakfasts, where the chef can delight you with feta and tomato omelets, creamy Greek yogurt with honey, ripe local fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, hearty country breads, traditional cheese pie, home-baked cakes and much more.