Mykonos town has many alleyways and streets to explore, replete with high-end boutiques, art galleries and haute couture. Fascinating historic churches and a handful of curious museums also dot the town, along with lazy cafes on the bay that are perfect for sitting and watching the island crowd walk by. The island is also famous for its pristine beaches, whether you're looking for quiet ones that are secluded or seek party-going sandy shores that stay alive day and night. As the sun sets over the horizon, the island's fine-dining restaurants begin to fill up and the nightspots prepare themselves for the long party nights.

Highly recommended are tours to Dilos Island to visit its famous archeological site and museum, as well as to Rinia Island which offers perfect spots for swimming. Boat tours, yachts, diving excursions and sailing escapades can all be part of a full program on Mykonos. This is one adventure you won't forget.

Terrace of the Lions dilos